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SF’s 24th Street BART Plaza Fenced Off

City temporarily closes BART plaza to try to combat drug use and unpermitted vendors selling stolen goods.
By - posted 7/22/2022 No Comment

The northeast corner plaza area around San Francisco’s 24th Street BART entrance has been fenced off by the city to try to combat “open-air drug markets & vendors” according to supervisor Hillary Ronen.

The fences went up on Wednesday, but already it’s a cat and mouse game with unpermitted vendors who have returned right outside the fence and have been accused of causing ADA issues by blocking the sidewalk and making it difficult for people try to board the bus.

According to Ronen, the fenced off area is temporary until a new permitting process is in place for vendors to ensure that no stolen goods will be sold. The new permitting process is expected to be active by mid-August. Ronen says she is working with local groups to reactivate the plaza as a community space .

According to Mission Local, Ronen is also exploring creating a nearby “indoor flea market” to create a space for vendors that won’t clog the plaza.

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