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SF’s “Bay Lights” Are Back On Due to “Glitch”

The lights are in such bad shape even the “off switch” doesn’t work. For now, the lights are back on even during its planned 6-month closure.
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On March 5th, the Bay Lights officially went “dark” after 10 years – part of a planned shutdown to take 6-months to repair the lights and bring them back brighter and bigger than ever on Labor Day Weekend 2023.

But there’s a catch. Actually, a glitch. The Bay Lights actually turned back on accidentally on Sunday night. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the 1.8 mile long LED light sculpture is “so broken that even the off switch doesn’t work.”

They’re failing so badly, even the off switch is on the fritz,” founder of Illuminate, Ben Davis told the Chronicle. “They are not supposed to be on. We are working to shut them off again.”

So, at least for a little while longer the Bay Lights will stay on. And then hopefully in September they’ll be back with 50,000 new lights and will shine from both sides of the bridge so that the lights could be seen not only from San Francisco but also from Oakland and Alameda.

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