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SF’s Releases Brand New COVID-19 Data Tracker

Released April 7, daily updated charts and data about testing, cases and hospitalizations
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Mayor London Breed Announces New Covid-19 Data Tracker

Data will include information about confirmed COVID-19 cases, lab testing and hospitalization rates across San Francisco

San Francisco, CA — Mayor London N. Breed and the San Francisco Department of Public Health (DPH) on April 7 released a COVID-19 Data Tracker to provide the public with more frequently updated information about the coronavirus in San Francisco. Read the full press release.

This information will be updated daily online and will include data about confirmed cases, testing, and hospitalization across the San Francisco health care system. Additional data points will be added as more information becomes available. The tracker is posted on DPH’s website:

San Francisco COVID-19 Stats

As of 9am, April 7, 2020

Get Updates | Data Tracker | San Francisco Department of Public Health

  • Total COVID-19 Test Results Reported: 5,645
  • Total COVID-19 Positive Cases Reported: 622
  • Overall Percentage of Tests Positive: 13%
  • Total Deaths: 9
  • Gender Distribution of Positive Cases: Female 43%, Male 56%, Unknown 2%

The information included on the tracker will include the following:

COVID-19 Cases

The Data Tracker will display the number of positive cases and deaths over time, mode of transmission, and available demographic information.

Due to limited testing capacity, the information reported represents only a small sample of the likely total COVID-19 cases in San Francisco. DPH expects that with increased testing availability and reporting, and as the virus spreads in the community, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases will increase.

Laboratory Testing

The Data Tracker will display the historical total and daily number of coronavirus tests conducted in San Francisco and the percentage of positive test results. The timeliness of this reporting varies because different labs have different test processing times.

Testing for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, is available through commercial, clinical and hospital laboratories, as well as the DPH Public Health Laboratory. While there are severe nationwide shortages of testing material, San Francisco is working to increase both the number of testing sites and the overall number of tests conducted.

The City has been working to expand testing capacity, including at the Public Health Lab, hospitals, commercial labs and with community partners, such as NEMS, which opened two drop-in testing sites for their patients last week. Yesterday, Mayor Breed announced the opening of a new COVID-19 testing site—CityTestSF—for the City’s frontline workers. On March 24, San Francisco along with other Bay Area counties issued a Health Order requiring laboratories performing COVID-19 tests to report all positive, negative, and inconclusive results to state and local health authorities.


The Data Tracker will display the total number of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 across all San Francisco hospitals, noting the number of patients in the intensive care unit and acute hospital beds. The information is only accurate at the exact time it is reported and is subject to frequent changes, as patients move in and out of hospitals throughout the day.

All of San Francisco’s hospitals have been coordinating their resources to plan for an expected surge in patients. Hospitals are working to increase capacity, and to decrease the number of patients in beds, to create more room when the surge happens. Examples of these efforts include identifying new surge units, fast-tracking nurse hiring, cancelling elective procedures and routing appointments, discharging coronavirus patients—or those awaiting test results—into isolation/quarantine hotels if they do not require hospital-level care, and speeding up testing.

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