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SF’s New Downtown IKEA Delayed (Again)

First it was 2021, then it was May 2023. Now the 87,000 sq ft shop at 6th and Market is delayed again
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Just when we thought we’d finally be stress-eating Swedish meatballs while plotting our next DIY project, SF’s new 250,000 sq. ft Livat Mall, anchored by the city’s first-ever, IKEA, has pulled the rug out from under us again according to reports by the San Francisco Business Times.

Oh, the irony, even IKEA can’t assemble its own project on time.

Originally, the doors of the mall at 945 Market Street (between 5th and 6th Streets, right across Market from The Warfield) were meant to swing open in late 2021. Then, IKEA told us to expect a spring fling in May 2023. But, alas, all we have now are more delay notices and the new 87,000 sq.ft. shop is put on hold again, even though the store would only be about 20% the size of one of the company’s typical stores.

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The mall, promising an array of shops, eateries, offices, and a dash of adult mini golf (because why not?), is trying to go against the grain in a retail desert. But hey, this is IKEA we’re talking about. If anything can bring some life back into SF’s downtown retail scene, it’s gotta be a mammoth new IKEA store, right? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see… and then wait some more.

h/t San Francisco Business Times, SF Eater, The Real Deal