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SF’s Midnight Fireworks Officially Back for New Year’s Eve! (Dec. 31, 2022)

San Francisco officially announced the return of the annual waterfront fireworks show on New Year’s Eve.
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After being canceled in 2021 with just three days to go, fireworks are officially returning to San Francisco for New Year’s Eve for 2022!

On Thursday morning, city of San Francisco finally officially announced the return of fireworks after several years off. So the big fireworks show will take place at midnight this year (December 31, 2022) on New Year’s Eve 2022/2023.

Technically the press release from the San Francisco Dept. of Emergency Managment says “A sanctioned display of Fireworks will occur this year.” with no extra specifics, but since BART is adding late night trains and the coast guard confirms the permit, we’re confident this is referring to the midnight fireworks.

Say goodbye to 2022 and ring in the 2023 new year with 200,000 fellow bundled-up San Franciscans for an annual tradition as the city once again hosts a free waterfront midnight fireworks show on New Year’s Eve.

San Francisco New Year’s Eve Fireworks
Saturday, December 31, 2022 | 11:59 pm
Embarcadero from Mission to Folsom

Arrive by 11:30 pm and head south of the Ferry Building along the Embarcadero for the best view. Fireworks kick off right at the stroke of midnight.

Best SF Fireworks Viewing Location:

The fireworks typically launch from barges located 1,000 feet out in the bay, just south of the Ferry Building near Pier 14 (Mission Street and The Embarcadero), so the best viewing spots will be south of the Ferry Building along the Embarcadero between Mission and Folsom Street.

Please note that standing in front of the Ferry Building will not be a good place to view the fireworks. It’s way too crowded and your view can be blocked by the Ferry Building.

About the Fireworks Show:

Typically, there’s a 15 minute midnight fireworks show.Each year, they unveil a few new and interesting pyrotechnics.

The fireworks are usually synced to music, played out through speakers that are set up along the promenade stretching from Pier 14 down almost to the Bay Bridge. So although there’s no radio simulcast and no live entertainment, if you’re close to Pier 14, you should be able to hear the music just fine. 

Other Good Viewing Locations:

Assuming the weather is good, here are some other great locations to view the fireworks. Visit bayarea.com/play/fireworks-bay-area/ for photos and further detail.

  • Treasure Island / Yerba Buena Island – SF
    As long as you can arrive early, you might squeeze in for an amazing shot from Yerba Buena Island looking towards the SF skyline with the Bay Bridge below you. Just be wary of the steep drop from the cliffs below. Or for a more grounded shot (without peering down on top of the Bay Bridge), you can head down to the flatlands of Treasure Island. Please note that in the interest of public safety, the city highly discourages people from visiting Treasure Island for the fireworks. Traffic and parking may be restricted.
  • Telegraph Hill – SF
    It’s residential and there’s not much space, but two places with amazing views are the end of Alta Street (just off of Montgomery) and the end of Calhoun Terrace (just off of Union). Just keep in mind that it can get crowded. Please be very respectful of the neighbors and pack all your trash and take it with you.
  • Oakland Hills – View from the Mormon Temple
  • Berkeley – Grizzly Peak
  • Emeryville – Marina Park Pathway
  • Marin Headlands – You can typically see the top of the fireworks over downtown, plus you have the Golden Gate Bridge in the foreground for your photos.

Getting Home (2022/23)

Muni is free from 8pm until 5am (Confirmed for 2022/23), Caltrain is free from 8pm until 3:30am with the final train leaving SF at 2am (Confirmed for 2022/23). BART runs late, but has normal fares. Here’s our full guide on how to get home after the fireworks with links to schedules and last train details.

BART last trains from Downtown SF – Times from Embarcadero Station
Please note that the 1:31am eastbound train will likely be VERY crowded since all travel goes on one train eastbound on the yellow line (to Antioch) before you’ll need to transfer in Oakland

  • Millbrae – 12:25am, 2:09am
  • Richmond – 12:37am, 12:47am, 1:31am
  • Antioch – 12:01am, 12:31am, 1:31am
  • Berryessa/North San Jose – 12:01am, 12:47am, 1:31am 
  • Dublin/Pleasanton – 12:17am, 12:47am, 1:31am 

1 am Service at a Glance:

  • Three-line special service (Yellow, Blue and Orange only- see map below).
  • Trains will be waiting at MacArthur, 12th St and Bay Fair for timed transfers.
  • SFO and OAK airport stations will NOT be served.
  • Last East Bay bound train running through downtown San Francisco will be at around 1:30am.
  • Last southbound train heading toward Millbrae will run through downtown San Francisco at 2:10am.
  • Extra event trains will run during the last hour of service to provide direct service.

1am extended service details

Besides the extra event trains which be dispatched as available, only the Yellow line (Millbrae to Antioch) will run transbay. Riders heading from San Francisco towards Richmond, Berryessa, and Dublin will need to transfer. The train will not serve SFO.

Southbound Yellow line (Antioch to Millbrae) trains will run to Millbrae, stopping at all stations except SFO.

The Blue line will operate from Bay Fair to Dublin only. If travelling from San Francisco, Dublin-bound riders need to transfer at 12th Street to a Berryessa (Orange line) bound train and then transfer to a Dublin (Blue line) train at Bay Fair to complete their trip. These transfers will be timed meets to reduce travel time.

The Orange line (Richmond to Berryessa) will also run hourly to coincide with the other trains. Riders coming from San Francisco who need to transfer to a Richmond-bound train will do so at MacArthur; riders who need to transfer to a Berryessa-bound train (or Dublin) will do so at 12th Street. These transfers will be timed meets to reduce travel time. BART to OAK service will not be operating after regular BART hours.

Stay Safe this New Year’s Eve – Emergency Alerts

The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management (SFDEM) encourages people celebrating New Year’s Eve in San Francisco to text the phrase NYESF to 888-777 to receive emergency text message alerts related to New Year’s Eve events in San Francisco. New Year’s Eve celebrants may also visit www.sfdem.org/NYESF

San Francisco residents, visitors, and businesses can help by remaining vigilant while enjoying New Year’s Eve festivities. These simple tips will help you stay safe:

  • If you see something, say something. Call 9-1-1 or talk to a police officer if you see something suspicious.
  • Have a plan. It is easy to lose track of people during large events. It is even more difficult when there is an emergency. Designate a meet up spot if you get separated from your group.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and take note of emergency exits.
  • Have a designated driver or alternative transportation plan if you plan on drinking alcohol.
  • All fireworks, including “Safe and Sane”, are dangerous and illegal in San Francisco. We encourage everyone to choose safety and observe a public firework show.
  • If you have a noise complaint, call the police non-emergency line at (415) 553-0123.