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SF’s “Museum of Ice Cream” Has Officially Closed

The selfie-museum with their eye-popping $38 tickets melts away in San Francisco and moves on to Austin
By - posted 7/31/2021 No Comment

Thanks to Broke Ass Stuart for letting us know that the Museum of Ice Cream has officially closed up shop in San Francisco and is moving on to Austin in August like so many others as part of the “Bay Area Exodus.”

The selfie-museum with their eye-popping $38 tickets first arrived in San Francisco in 2017 and shuttered at the beginning of the pandemic but never reopened. 

According to the SF Business Times, representatives didn’t confirm the permanent closure until last week when the signage finally came down and the SF address was removed from their homepage.

Although the MOIC may be gone from San Francisco, it’s not forgotten. We’re still finding sprinkles from their pool in places we didn’t know we had places.

The Museum now is open in three cities, New York, Austin and Singapore.