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SF’s Original Philz Coffee Closing After 20 Years

You have just a few months left to get your final cup at the O.G. Philz Coffee location at 24th and Folsom in The Mission
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Thanks to Mission Local for sharing the sad news that the original Philz Coffee location on 24th and Folsom will be closing down soon after losing its lease*, with its last day open being October 16, 2023.

*There’s more to this story! In a rather curious twist, it’s not as simple as it being a greedy lanlord raising rent too high. Mission Local recently discovered the building actually owned by Philz’s co-founder Jacob Jaber. So it’s a bit curious why the co-founder of Philz would choose not to renew the lease of his first ever store. We’re sure that Mission Local will dig up more.

This is where it all began for Philz – the O.G. “one cup at a time” drip coffee shop which opened on January 1, 2023 taking over the spot of a former convenience store.

But don’t fret if you still need your Philz fix, there are still 12 other locations in San Francisco, plus many more all over Bay Area, Sacramento, Southern California and Chicago.

The Mission location is still open in the meantime from 6am to 5pm 

Read the full story at Mission Local

The Philz Story
After opening a convenience store in the heart of the Mission District in 1978, Phil spent 25 years learning, experimenting, and blending, with the goal of making a really, good cup of coffee. His passion for brewing coffee and building community laid the foundation for the first Philz Coffee shop on January 1, 2003 in the Mission District of San Francisco. What began as a labor of love became a national love affair, with stores across California and Chicago.