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SF’s Skateboarder Annual “Hill Bomb” at Dolores Park

Skateboarders sped down Dolores hill in San Francisco for the annual “hill bomb”
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Typically on a random  afternoon in early July, skateboarders take to the Dolores hill next to Dolores Park and fly down at breakneck speed (almost literally).

The 2022 “Hill Bomb” took place this past Saturday (July 9, 2022) despite the “Botts dots” speed bumps that were installed in 2020 on Dolores specifically to deter hillbombing after one of the cyclists that year died of a brain aneurysm. Go figure.

San Francisco photographer Dre Anderson (@drephotography11 / website) captured some of the most epic photos and drone shots. Including one video where a guy is bombing down Dolores and another guy runs up and clotheslines him in the middle of his run. Insane.


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