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“Tour de Pizza” Bike Ride

Join in for a bike tour of San Francisco’s finest pizza-by-the-slice spots
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Like to ride on a bicycle? Like to eat pizza? Like to ride on a bike to find and eat more pizza? If so, you’re invited to join in for a tour of San Francisco’s finest pizza-by-the-slice spots.

Highlights include a jaunt through Chinatown, little bit of Little Italy, a party stop at the Wave Organ, coffee with the Painted Ladies, 5 pizza stops, public park shenanigans and plenty of smiling pizza stained faces.

“Tour de Pizza” Bike Ride | SF
Sunday, April 29, 2018 | 11:30 am-4:30 pm
San Francisco Ferry Building, 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco
FREE to join (pay for your own pizza)

Scheduled stops include Serranos, Tony’s Slice House, Avellino, Mustafios, and Golden Boy.

Please be patient. Depending on the size of the group and how long of a wait there is between the first person to get their slice and the last person to get theirs, they may just kick it in front of the shop to eat and then pedal to a nearby destination for a refreshment stop.

Things handy to have:

  • The usual bike stuff (tubes/levers/air/etc)
  • Around 20 bucks for pizza. Most slices will range between $3-8 depending on where they’re at.
  • Bring more money if you have a big stomach or share with a friend if you just want to experience all the different flavors.
  • Layers because they are to be going by the water and they’ll also will be in sunny parks. SF gets windy; don’t get caught unprepared.

Expect pizza, an ocean-powered organ, beautiful views, invading public parks with friends, and a reason to smile the next day at work.

Here’s the route.

Please note, this is intended to be a social ride around the city with an emphasis on food and fun rather than a ride for the carb-hungry speed demons. That being said, this will be a 15 mile+ SF ride that will include a few hills, so gears and brakes are most definitely your friends.

However if you’ve come to the recent EastSideSJ Field Trips to SF while riding a fixie, you should be fine on this ride. This ride will be going more inland than previous routes, but it will be avoiding major hills and stupid steep streets, so just work those whip skids or wear thick soled shoes.