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Sorry, Japan Won’t Pay for Half Your Next Trip. Only for Domestic Travelers

Japan to pay for 50% of your next trip? Too good to be true. The deal has been clarified and is only for domestic travel.
By - posted 5/23/2020 No Comment

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the news was too good to be true. Japan’s leading English news, The Japan Times, initially reported that ““the government is planning to lure back foreign visitors by covering half of their travel expenses”. However, Japan Tourism Agency has since clarified that this promotion is strictly for domestic travel only. Sadly, the promotion will not be available for foreign visitors.

Thank you Thrifty Traveler for letting us know that the Japanese government may pay for half your next trip.

Travel Plans After the Pandemic? You Might Get Half Off Your Next Trip to Japan.

According to the Japan Times, an estimated 2,900 foreign travelers visited Japan in April, down 99.9% from a year earlier, amid the global coronavirus pandemic, according to the latest government data.

Because of this the Government has come up with a creative plan to lure tourists back by covering half of the travel expenses for all tourists visiting the country.

Japan hopes to jump-start its tourism industry once the travel restrictions are lifted. The government plans to allocate $12.5 billion USD towards the program, but there are still more questions on how the plan will be executed. More information will be available before July