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Want to Rent a Famous TV House? You Got it, Dude.

Famous Full House Painted Lady is ready to rent for the right price
By - posted 9/11/2016 No Comment

Can you imagine waking up and having coffee at the same house where Danny and cute little Michelle Tanner used to burst your heart with their father-daughter moments? The same house where Deej and Stephanie would bicker, then hug it out with soft music playing in the background? The house where Becky and Jesse brought home the twins, and Comet had puppies…and…oh, sorry. *Ahem*… moving on.

Well, get this: the famous SF “Full House” is available to rent again for…wait for it… $13,950 per month. Yes, A MONTH. Located at 1709 Broderick Street and a block away from the touristy lane of Divisadero, the 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath house, which sold for $4 million in July, is officially on the market and move-in ready.

Vanguard Properties calls this Charles Lewis Hinkel home a first-rate example of “preserved Italianate, Victorian architecture,” whatever that means. But hey, if you get to live in an iconic estate, recreate one of Jesse and the Rippers’ band practices in the basement, and get jealous stares from the Full House tourists that come by, then that’s basically worth it.

Now, if you need me, I’ll be over here. Selling my kidneys. Because, money (and Uncle Jesse).