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World Naked Bike Ride

SF’s 9th annual day to beware of rolling and bouncing dairy aires
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It’s time to tune up those bikes and toss those riding duds in the wash; you won’t need them for the 9th Annual World Naked Bike Ride – San Francisco 2018.

Each year, their turnout is getting larger and larger, riding bare through the streets of the city.

9th Annual World Naked Bike Ride
Southern Hemisphere Ride
Saturday, March 10, 2018

2018 Details:

Meet northwest of the Ferry Building, between the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market and the Starbucks west of the Ferry Building. They will begin gathering at 11 am in the open area along the pier. Please gather as close to the railing as possible and avoid blocking pedestrian traffic on the Embarcadero and also to those exiting the Ferry Building. You will have time to do your body/face paint and reacquaint yourselves. Bring body paints, watercolors and markers to apply slogans and designs to each other and adorn your bikes with signs; meet with old and new friends.

The ride is part of a global protest happening in many cities throughout the US, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and other cities in the Southern Hemisphere. Tens of thousands of naked bike riders are protesting the global dependency of our society and economies at the hands of the oil cartels. They want to emphasize the harm this dependency causes to the environment, businesses and social lives. Nobody is unaffected. They want to endorse more bike riding and the nudity expresses vulnerability to these matters. It also draws attention to the cause.

The route will take us through many popular spots in the city such as Fisherman’s Wharf, the Marina, Lombard, North Beach, along Embarcadero, the Civic Center, the Haight, and the Castro. You say you can’t make it to the start on time? Don’t worry, it’s a “Do It Yourself” ride; join them anytime you find them along the route and feel free to leave when you must.

Not into biking? Skates, skateboards and even unicyclists have ridden along with them in the past.

How “naked” is this ride? While it is a “naked” bike ride, all are welcome; it’s ride as bare as you dare. That is, body paint, rubber latex, bikinis, topless, lingerie, bubble pack, or wear whatever costume you are comfortable riding in.

And don’t worry, they have already had 8 WNBRs while under cloud of the oppressive Weiner anti-nudity ordinance, with no citations or complaints. If you are still uncertain, then it’s best to have a sarong, a beach wrap or shorts ready for a quick cover-up.

Why are there so many “World Naked Bike Ride Days?” There are several “World Naked Bike Rides” throughout the year. The Northern Hemisphere Ride is generally in June and the Southern Hemisphere Ride is generally in March, but there are a few minor naked bike rides throughout the year. The June ride is the biggest.