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World Naked Bike Ride

Bikers go bare on a city-wide romp on two wheels
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This is the big one… well, the second big one. Hell, just call it the 5th Annual World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) – San Francisco 2016 Northern Hemisphere Ride – Part II.

The WNBR draws attention to the environment and the need to protect our natural resources.

2016 World Nake Bike Ride: Northern Hemisphere Ride Part II
Saturday, July 9, 2016 | 11 am to 4 pm
Meeting location: between the Farmer’s Market and the Starbucks

The new meeting point is in an open public area to the north, between the Farmer’s Market and the Starbucks across the street from their usual Justin Herman location. Meet at 11 am.

Please remain dressed until they have a sufficient number of riders and the time is close to 11 am. Bring body paints, watercolors, and markers to apply slogans and designs to each other and adorn your bikes with signs. Use black to mimic an oil spill or green to celebrate the environment.

All types of bikes are welcome – tandems, unicycles, music bikes, you name it. Skaters and skateboarders have also joined past rides. They will ride through many popular spots in the city such as usual favorite areas along Fisherman’s Wharf, The Marina, North Beach, The Haight, and downtown. The route will be published just before the ride.

Many cities in the farther northern latitudes have scheduled their WNBRs in July, including Vancouver, the home of WNBR founder Conrad Schmidt. In his honor and all the other participating cities conducting rides, San Francisco will also ride again. This will be the fourth and final WNBR of the season.

Nudity Ban? What Nudity Ban?
They claim that you shouldn’t worry about it because WNBR riders tempted fate during all of their rides since 2013 with no complaints and no citations. While it is a “naked” bike ride, all are welcome; ride as bare as you dare