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2016 Dragon Rouge Last Sundays Summer Art Walk | Alameda

The Dragon Rouge Art Walk is on the last Sunday of the summer months of July, August, and September from noon to 6 pm. It is a free event that they hold for the community, featuring local artists, artisans and performers between the restaurant veranda and the estuary waterfront, with the Park Street Bridge in the backdrop.

The event is a very family friendly and casual event. It is really a great environment to meet, greet and eat with people and friends you want to connect with.

Grab a tasty bite or flavorful drink in the restaurant, enjoy the warm bay area weather on the waters edge, and relax while viewing what our local creatives have to share with you. The point of the event is to give local talents: from professional to amateur artists and artisans & from small town kid/teen talents to well known singers and bands on the cusp of being discovered a place to show, use and refine their skills if needed.

It has also been a great event to chat and network with the other artists and artisans that participate.

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