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“420 at The Bird” Free Chicken Sandwich Day | SF & Berkeley

Celebrate the hungriest day of the year with some killer deals at The Bird.

The Bird is giving out FREE sandwiches to the first 50 people in line at 4:20 pm on Saturday, 4/20 at either of the locations, SF or Berkeley.

  • The Bird SF: 115 New Montgomery St, SF
  • The Bird Berkeley: 2400 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley

There’s one catch though–you have to follow us on Instagram to get your free sando.

In case you’re, uhh, “busy” at 4:20 pm and miss out on the free food, they are selling their signature fried chicken sandwich for just $4.20 the rest of the day.

So roll up (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves) to either the SF or Berkeley location for your 420 meal.

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