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8 Days of Anarchy | SF & East Bay

stock-footage-anarchist-flag-loop-waving-in-sunset-cloudscape-sSpringtime in San Francisco brings tulips and anarchists.

Yes, from March 18-25, 2014, it’s time to shift gears to San Francisco’s other time-honored spring festival – Eight Days of Anarchy, an expression of autonomy with over a week of free study groups, film nights, workshops, book readings, symposiums, a picnic and downright mayhem.

“Eight days of anarchy is about having a good time but it’s also about something else, something… not more important but more lasting. This is the eighth year of eight days of anarchy. Eight years of relationships between, not quite friends, not quite allies, but something else indeed. Could it be eight years later we had learned to fight together, to share history, and trust each other enough to discuss future plans.”

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