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Appetite Obscure: An Experimental Potluck

Appetite Obscure is an experimental dining experience, created by you and happening on a monthly basis. Please come prepared with an Interaction Dish.

What is an Interaction Dish, you ask? It’s food that you tell your eater how to experience. Eating is just one small part of the meal. The way the food is shared, dressed, dismantled, exploded, complimented, criticized, and played with is just as important as its taste. Your experience can be anything from a simple gesture to elaborate performances involving story-telling, costumes, language play, dance, games, tricks, or anything else imaginable.

Liberate yourself from the tyranny of the tongue and experience a new way of eating.

What the heck is is this all about? In the 1930s, the Futurists artist movement came up with a Futurist Cookbook which included many adventurous recipes involving rituals that transformed the eating experience into a expansive art form. Appetite Obscure is reviving this magical, artful, way of eating and bringing it to the Bay Area.

Some suggestions to get you going:

  • Get multiple people involved
  • Present surprising contrasts
  • You can stimulate all of the senses, physical and mental

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