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Beers Inspired by Nature Walks: Guided Hikes on Mt. Sutro | SF

Join Sutro Stewards for a Beers Made by Walking plant hike on Mount Sutro. Mount Sutro features dozens of native plants, a variety of microclimates, and an on-site native plant nursery. Come out for a guided hike and nursery tour to learn about diverse plant populations and their edible, medicinal, and historic uses.

Beers Made by Walking is a program that invites brewers to make beer inspired by nature hikes and urban walks. Each trail is different, each beer is a portrait of the landscape.

Please note that this event doesn’t include any beer tastings, but is and event for beer enthusiasts & brewers to learn about all the different plants that you can use to flavor unique beers to be inspired by specific places.

The program happens in multiple cities each year with hikes attended by the public as well as local brewers. The brewers are challenged to create unique, place-based beers that serve as drinkable, landscape portraits inspired by the trails.

A tapping event and celebration will take place this fall to showcase these creative beers.  Proceeds benefit Sutro Stewards education and stewardship programming.

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