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“Critical Ass” In Dolores Park | Wacky ’80s Spandex Workout

Put on your spandex, smuggle in some booze and be prepared to pump it in the park with “Critical Ass” – a quasi-weekly dance party / Jane Fonda-esque workout session and strange dance performances in Dolores Park.

And sometimes, if you’re lucky, the event ends celebratory freeze dance competition where the winner gets a free pair of new spandex legging

Critical Ass
“Select” Sundays in September & October (3pm)
Dolores Park (in the middle of the park about 50 feet from the bathrooms)

Rain cancels, bad fashion sense does not.

What is Critical Ass?
Can you just bounce with us in spandex and then sit and watch some dance? yes. So come with some tight spandex pants, an idea, or a picnic blanket and cocktail and enjoy in whatever capacity you want. The event is led by choreographer Pearl Marill and other fitness/dance instructors wearing bright colors and leading synchronized cherry pickers to Top 40 jams and dance-club remixes.

Event Details