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“Dandelion Project” Japantown: An Interactive Art Exhibit (May 26-29)

The Japantown Community Benefit District in partnership with Ryotaro Muramatsu and NAKED, Inc. is excited to bring back to San Francisco’s Japantown, the Dandelion Project.

As a child we would blow on a dandelion and make a wish. Artist Ryotaro Muramatsu takes that same concept and through his exhibit asks that everyone makes a wish for peace. Blowing on a dandelion, wishing for peace and wherever the dandelion fluff (seed) lands peace will blossom.

A digital art experience NAKED, Inc. makes its return to Japantown in commemoration of the G7 2023 Hiroshima Summit. Participants will be able to personalize their digital dandelion, blow on it using their smart phone with a wish for peace and watch the dandelion fluff be sent to current exhibits in Paris, France and Hiroshima, Japan in real time.

Limited showing – Friday – Monday (May 26 – 29) from noon to 6pm.


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