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Daybreaker’s 10th Anniv. Dance Party at SF’s Thrive City + Free Bevs & Bites (Chase Center)

Welcome to our 10-Year Anniversary Together Tour.

Tickets open Noon 3/3/23 Free dance party runs from 11a to 1p and RSVP is required.

If you want to join early (10a) for yoga tickets are $45

We chose the theme “Togetherness” to shine a light on the importance of belonging, friendship, and real social connections to support a meaningful life — and to heal the world.

On this stop, we’ll be dancing in Thrive City — because it’s already a community meeting place we know and love, filled with SF pride. You already know we got you on the dance floor, plus we’re hosting some of our favorite community catalysts to activate you — Elliott will be on the mic and we’ve got tons of little surprises along the way.

We promise to deliver memories to bond us and music to heal us. All you have to do is wake up & show up — for yourself and each other.

See you on the dance floor, fam. Lezzgo! 

Get ready to shake things up with Daybreaker Team morning fav, Athletic Greens, who’ll be delivering a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals with AG1.


Come thirsty. Parch will be onsite serving up ready-to-drink, non-alcoholic canned cocktails made with Blue Weber agave, desert fruit, botanicals  & adaptogens. Plus, Ritual Zero Proof will be mixing non-alcoholic margaritas and rum cocktails.

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