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“Drunken” Spelling Bee | Cafe Royale

It’s exactly what it sounds like… a “Drunken” (well.. more like a Mildly Intoxicated) Spelling Bee with host Jimi Moran.

Have a few drinks, and then try to spell ridiculous words without cheating and checking your iPhone. Get a letter wrong? You’ll have a to take a drink. Get the word right? You’ll move on to the next round and have a chance to win free prizes. There’s even live ESPN-style commentary by two of the owners. It’s free to participate (but you gotta buy your own drinks) and it’s just as fun and free to watch.

The competition is usually limited to the first 25 contestants, so arrive early.

They will be offering a “super” drink special for all participants. Unfortunately, they can no longer offer an all-you-can-drink option for participants, so it’s more like an Mildly Intoxicated Spelling Bee than a full on Drunken Spelling Bee.

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