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“The EleFUNk Gallery” Tribute to NYC’s Historical FUN Gallery | Oakland

World of Graff and Patti Astor, star of Wild Style and founder of the original FUN Gallery, are bringing top artists from around The Bay, AZ, WA, and NYC out to Oakland’s Loakal Gallery & Boutique for “The eleFUNk Gallery” in April 2013.

Featured artists include the founding members of The Ex-Vandals Crew, Wicked Gary (NYC), Stan 153, Flint, Kool Kito, Refa, Resek, Kufue, Nate1, KAYTWO, Pengo, Chris Granillo, Cuba, Mace, Jeannette Farrell, Agana, Sno (WA), Joker, Nite Owl, Onedr, Kori Thompson, Ernest Doty, Griffin One, Such & Champ Styles (AZ), and more.

The FUN Gallery was an NYC gallery where neighborhood kids, downtown artists, b-boys, rock, film and rap stars mixed with museum directors, art historians and uptown collectors at wild openings featuring artists like Futura, Fab 5 Freddy, Lee Quinones, Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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