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Fort Nights “Magic”: Free Film & Light Art Festival | Fort Mason

Spanning four weeks, Fort Nights: Magic features films and performances through the different lenses of light, water, sky, the heart, and the unseen — all of which have a great influence on the art of magic.

What’s going to happen:

April 21, Gallery 308

  • The first week features works from the San Francisco Veterans Film Festival centering on the theme of “light.” With films by and about Veterans in FMCAC’s Gallery 308 — a former U.S. Army machine shop — the space and the films connect in a unique and illuminating way.

April 28, Gallery 308

  • The second week features films from ATA’s GAZE prioritizing the works of women, trans, genderqueer, and non-binary artists — from ATA (Artists’ Television Access), an organization that “cultivates and promotes culturally-aware, underground media and experimental art.” This night of film will explores themes surrounding water and sky.

May 5, Firehouse

  • The third week features works from the renowned artist Constance Hockaday and features a live performance and video from Constance Hockaday. This weel will center on themes surrounding “the heart.”

May 12, Firehouse

  • The fourth week wraps up with works by the well-known artist Bradley Smith featuring his site-generated video and light installation. For Fort Nights he’ll set out to explore the campus of Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture to create a piece about how the snippets of history that people remember, and the transitions yet to come, play a constant role in someone’s life; senses, emotions, and unique experiences will come into play as he explores the unseen element that allows anyone to perceive any magic at all — time.

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