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Cancelled: “Rock and Roll Comedy Jam” Night | Milk Bar

Please note that Rock and Roll Comedy Jam is no longer taking place.

Music and standup comedy collide every Thursday at Milk Bar on Haight Street.

Hilarious comedians from all over the country are joined on stage by the band Medicine Bug who provide an improvised musical accompaniment.

Affirmative Action Heroes Comedy Lineup
Comedy lineup may change each month, but here’s a sample lineup:

EJ Allen
Originally hailing from Brooklyn, EJ brings a unique perspective to the San Francisco Bay Area comedy scene; usually, it’s self deprecating. He has a certain fondness for cocoa butter.

Chris Conatser
With a stage presence once described as a ‘sexy mix between Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore,’ Christopher enjoys musing about language, love, sex, death, and marine life. He hails from Texas, but still believes women should be enfranchised and shod. Christopher likes silence, hair, and colossal squid. He strongly dislikes wearing long pants.

Alison Kawa
Alison mentally disturbs innocent bystanders regularly in comedic venues around San Francisco. She also played Battle Woman in the internet comedy series Neighborhood Watchmen, which follows superheroes in an office setting. Her real-life super powers include baking tasty scones and making realistic animal noises.

Dro Knows
Sure, they’re trying to legalize weed, but Dro is still trying to legalize his mom. He also performs standup comedy all around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Clay Newman
For years, this supple weed smoking rabble rouser has been entertaining audiences all over the west coast (mainly San Francisco) with his tales of life, friendship, and sweet sweaty love. Clay has a BA in theater arts from SFSU which definitely wasn’t a terrible idea. He enjoys Indian food and is the greatest ping pong player to ever come from Ventura County.

Molly Sanchez
Molly Sanchez is a plucky upstart comedienne with a strong background in improv comedy. Her stand up routine covers topics that range from bad boyfriends, sharing a gynecologist with her mother, the movie “Flight,”and her unseemly fondness of the “C”word.

Jeremy Talamantes
Jeremy performs standup all over the San Francisco Bay Area. He enjoys skateboarding and standing around in parking lots.

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