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OMG Family Friends & Food Festival in Milpitas (April 23-24)

To inspire moments of happiness and love; providing the platform for children and their families to grow together, and the space and opportunity to recharge, reenvision, and reconnect with each other during challenging times. This carnival reflects the relationships from within one’s family to the community.

Foodie loved vendors, handcraft boutique, live stage performance… 20+ food vendors offer you amazing delicious food!
Painting competition, education programs, onsite health examination… more fun vendors adding tons of joy to the event!

Organizer: O.M.G Entertainment
Co-host: 99 Ranch Market, Teresa Keng

Date: April 23-24th, 2022 10:30 AM – 5 PM
Location: Milpitas Square (Barber Ln, Milpitas, CA)

Cancellation and Refunds?
This event is totally FREE to participate in! So no need to worry about cancellation or refunds:)

Are pets allowed?
Dog, cat, bird, rabbit… all are welcome! Just be mindful and responsible.
And the Health Department requires that Live animals are NOT allowed within 20 feet of a food booth.  Exceptions: guide dogs, signal dogs, or service dogs.

What kind of food booths do you have?
BBQ, coconut pudding, gumbo, jerky, sparkling drink, boba tea, popcorn, musubi, yakitori… all you can imagine! And beyond that, there are many entertaining booths you should definitely check out~

Where do I park?
There are lots of parking spots in the plaza and more parking spots can be found on the roadside (Barber Ln) and behind the square, and Cisco’s parking lot across the street is available as well!

Other questions not answered?
Please feel free to contact us at info@omgcal.com.

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