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Philosophical Performance Art: “Searching for Diogenes” | SoMa

Searching for Diogenes is a three-part performance that weaves together the life, myth and legacy of Diogenes of Sinope (aka the Dog). A controversial figure, Diogenes’ provocative actions in public space were designed to disrupt, challenge and subvert social values and conventions.

Searching for Diogenes traces the philosopher’s historical record, invented depictions, and contemporary relationship to performance, public space, representation and behavior.

Performance Schedule:

  • Act I: Image: Saturday, August 30 – 2 pm >RSVP required
  • Act II: Actions: Sunday, August 31 – 2 pm >RSVP required
  • Act III : Reinvention: Wednesday, September 3 – 12-6 pm >RSVP required
    (Act III features performances by Nathalie Brilliant, Maria Lewis, Laura Hyunjhee Kim, and Sarah St. Leger)

Searching for Diogenes is part of BAN7 Clinic: Disruption, curated by Bean Gilsdorf. All performances take place in YBCA’s Room for Big Ideas Front Door Gallery. Performances are free and open to the public.

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