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Rockridge Ice Cream & Gelato Tour | Oakland

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Rockridge Ice Cream Tour. This one-hour guided walking tour takes kids of all ages through Oakland’s Rockridge area to explore a variety of ice cream desserts—along with a little history as to how we came to enjoy them.

Rockridge Ice Cream & Gelato Tour
Saturdays & Sundays, June 2-Oct. 27 | 3 pm to 4 pm
Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream Parlor & Cafe, 5925 College Ave, Oakland
Tickets: $20- Adults, $15- Kids

Buy an adult ticket, get a kids ticket for free. Use code FUNCHEAP when booking online.

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The Rockridge Ice Cream Tour is just one hour, providing the perfect break for a warm summer afternoon. Great for kids, families, food tour-newbies, or anyone looking to explore the Rockridge area one spoonful at a time. It’s a truly “sweet” experience.

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