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2023 “IlluminOdyssey” Dazzling Winter Lights (Nov. 10-Jan. 28)

IlluminOdyssey is back! Catch the light November 10, 2023–January 28, 2024

Inspired by the science of light, IlluminOdyssey is an immersive, interactive installation that will mesmerize kids and adults of all ages*. CuriOdyssey’s four-level Redwood Hall will transform into a glowing forest of science—light your way through a maze of luminous botanical geometry, play with rainbow refraction and swirling projections, paint with light on phosphorescent surfaces, and dance with your shadow. Explore the physical properties of light, such as photoluminescence, color, additive light mixing, waves, fluorescence, fluid dynamics, subtractive color mixing, and refraction.

Returning for its seventh year, IlluminOdyssey is a fan-favorite for the whole family, and is free with admission or membership. CuriOdyssey’s hands-on approach to science education influences every facet of this exhibition. IlluminOdyssey’s interactive glowing exhibits awaken kids’ curiosity, build critical thinking skills, and inspire an interest in science and the natural world. As a non-profit outdoor science museum and zoo, we make exploring science, technology, engineering, art, and math fun and excited for kids and adults of all ages.

*Note: This is a darkened hall with a variety of light-based exhibits and artwork. Visitors sensitive to light and sound may be affected.

Please look at Plan Your Visit, tips and FAQ make the most of your experience, at our website.

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