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SF’s Immersive Art Show “teamLab Continuity” (Asian Art Museum)

Plan ahead for the holidays. This is your final chance to see one of SF’s most engaging and inspiriting immersive art experiences. The Asian Art Museum just announced their final block of tickets for teamLab: Continuity goes on sale today, October 21, 2021.

Step into an experience like no other: at teamLab: Continuity, you become part of an interactive landscape of blooming flowers, darting fish, and soaring crows.

At teamLab: Continuity, you will find yourself immersed in a wondrous ecosystem of lush imagery drawn from nature and East Asian art that dynamically evolves around you. Sumptuous images of inky crows and fluorescent flowers, fluttering butterflies and darting fish propel you to wander, to pause, and to marvel. 

teamLab: Continuity
Final Block of teamLab: Continuity Tickets on Sale Now
Ends Monday, February 28, 2022
Asian Art Museum, San Francisco
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  • Weekend Tickets (Sat/Sun) – $25 ($15 GA + $10 Special Exhibition Ticket)
  • Midweek Tickets (Mon/Fri)  – $20 ($15 GA + $5 Special Exhibition Ticket)
  • Thursday Night Tickets – $15 ($10 GA + $5 Special Exhibition Ticket) – Open until 9pm

teamLab: Continuity is the first exhibition in the new Akiko Yamazaki and Jerry Yang Pavilion.
With 8,500 square feet of continuous gallery space — the most in San Francisco — this new pavilion endows the museum with unparalleled freedom and flexibility to create exhibitions that raise the bar for interpretation, technology, and design. The inaugural immersive digital experience from teamLab, the world-famous international art collective, takes advantage of the pavilion’s unique features.

Tokyo-based international collective teamLab is renowned for its interactive, interconnected digital artworks that dissolve boundaries between artwork and viewer, inside and outside, and art and technology.

For teamLab, technology is a means rather than an end. Your experience is not about the digital realm but instead about the natural world — portrayed as a pulsing, transforming, interconnected ecosystem — and your place in it. 

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