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Three Skulls Haunted Funeral Home: Vast Land of Nightmares | Milpitas

After taking a year off, Three Skulls Haunted House opens its doors once again allowing visitors to come explore a totally new experience. Strange things have been happening at Three Skulls Funeral Home.

Although many of the people who visit are lifeless their spirits seem to be unwilling to leave. There have been multiple funeral attendees who have claimed to hear the voice of the deceased that they have came to say their goodbyes to. Others have even claimed to actually see figures roaming the building.

If you would like to visit the funeral home for yourself, doors will be open:

  • October 26-28 from 7-10 pm
  • Halloween, October 31 from 6:30-10 pm
  • November 2-3 from 7-10 pm

Donations will be accepted for the American Diabetes Association and the Alports Syndrome Foundation.

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