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Satirical Musical “Tomfoolery”: Pay-What-You-Wish Tix | SF

Tom Lehrer epitomized the era of satirical humor in the 1950s and 1960s, writing songs which were wickedly naughty yet not illegal by today’s standards in any way. What is most amazing about Lehrer’s music and humor is how timeless it has remained, dealing with subjects such as religion, love and nuclear weapons without in any way becoming dated.

Turned into a musical revue by the producing genius behind Cats and Phantom of the Opera, Cameron Macintosh, Tomfoolery still is one of the most bitingly hilarious two hours of music you will ever hear. A cast of four talented local actors will sing and act out Tom’s music and send you home from San Francisco’s Shelton Theater with a smile on your face and at least a couple of thoughts rattling around in your brain. Tom may have decided to retire from songwriting (as is rumored) “when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize,” but his humor remains a legacy for all of us today.

The Friday night performances will be special “sing-along” performances in which the audience will be invited to sing along with the cast of the show for some of the musical numbers (but not all of them). Lyric sheets will be available for those who do not remember the lyrics. The sing-along shows that we did last year were terrific fun for the cast members and the audience.

Special Note: The first two Sunday Matinees on May 26 and June 2 at 2 PM and Thursday May 30 at 7 PM are “pay what you may“. Seating is limited so come early. No guarantee of admission if regular ticket sales exceed expectations. Tickets available at 1:30 PM (6:30 Thursday). Normal ticket prices are $20-$50 with discounts using the code “pigeons”.

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