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“Tunnel of Terror” Haunted Car Wash (October 28-31)

Forget regular old haunted houses, especially during this socially-distant times. How about a haunted car wash?

Come see Freddy Kreuger and “friendly” clowns at the “Tunnel of Terror” from October 28-31 from 5-8pm at San Jose’s “Extreme Express Car Wash” at 655 W. San Carlos St., in San Jose. Expect a fog-filled tunnel, a spooky light show and creatures lurking around all corners.

It’s $20 to enter the car wash with $5 of every wash going to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. No advanced tickets for sale (that we’re aware of) – Just pay onsite

It’s happening for the 3rd year in a row…
Last year around this time, very strange things started happening at Extreme Express Car Wash…
Employees have again started to report seeing “creepy looking creatures” and strange shadows lurking in and around the building…the lights keep flickering on and off…
We’ve had numerous customers tell us about a ghost-like fog that surrounded their vehicle while inside the wash tunnel…
Come and get your “scare” on at our haunted car wash! 👻
You’ll love our fog-filled tunnel, spooky light show and the creatures, ghouls, and frights that lurk around the corners! 😈
$20 per vehicle, which INCLUDES a $5 donation to St. Jude Children’s Hospital!
You can also sign up for any unlimited wash plan this month for just $5 – that $5 will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital!
When: October 28th-31st
Time: 5pm – 8pm
Location: 655 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95126, USA

h/t DoTheBay

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