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Virtual Wildlife Conservation Expo 2020

Wildlife Conservation Network’s Expo welcomes people into the vast and thrilling world of wildlife conservation. You can connect directly with conservationists from around the world as they share unprecedented stories about their work to protect elephants, lions, penguins, sharks, bears, and many other species. Over 50 conservationists, including Dr. Jane Goodall, will be speaking about wildlife conservation. This is a unique virtual experience that allows you to embark on an interactive adventure from the comfort of your living room. There are so many tales of hope and resilience to share that this year’s Expo will take place online over two Saturdays, October 10 and 17, giving you more time to experience the wild. Learn more and register now at wcnexpo.org

Wildlife Conservation Expo
Day 1: Saturday, October 10, 8AM – 2PM (PDT)
Day 2: Saturday, October 17, 8AM – 2PM (PDT)

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