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2018 KZSU Stanford “Day of Noise” | 24 Hour Concert

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Saturday, February 10, 2018 - All Day | Cost: FREE*
*Listen online for 24 hours straight

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On Saturday, February 10, 2018, KZSU Stanford 90.1FM will be broadcasting its 13th annual Day Of Noise featuring 24 hours straight of live experimentation and improvisation, featuring experimental/noise/drone bands and artists from the Bay Area and beyond.

The lineup transcends genre. You will hear all sounds strange and beautiful from a variety of acts among literally dozens of artists on the bleeding edge of creative musical expression through noise.

Juggled between two studios in KZSU’s basement headquarters over 24 hours, the Day of Noise continues to be both a marvel of committed engineering as well as a tribute to the ability for modern freeform radio to create exciting interactions of community creativity.

2018 KZSU Day of Noise Schedule 
Audio live on 90.1 FM or streaming at kzsu.stanford.edu
Saturday, February 10, 2018 – Midnight to Midnight
FREE to listen

2018 Schedule:
0000-0100: Entropy Worship
0100-0200: NoiseHaus Krew
0200-0230: Cultured Meat
0230-0300: Slow Proteo
0300-0400: Julia Mazawa
0400-0500: Or… The Return of Uncle Ted’s photos
0500-0530: Dominic Cramp
0530-0600: Machinery of Doom
0600-0630: Winter Lanterns
0630-0700: Ian Webb
0700-0730: Jack Hz
0730-0800: Bran(…)Pos
0800-0830: Buster
0830-0900: Tyler Carr
0900-0930: David Slusser
0930-1000: RK Faulhaber & Matt Davignon
1000-1030: Ear Spray
1030-1100: Emperor of the North
1100-1130: gabby fluke-mogul / Jacob-Felix Heule / Kim Nucci / Clarke Robinson
1130-1200: Texts
1200-1230: Selim X
1230-1300: Li Xi
1300-1330: Drippings
1330-1400: Steve Adams
1400-1430: Coagulator
1430-1500: Headlights
1500-1530: Snickers
1530-1600: Boyle
1600-1630: Analagous Duo
1630-1700: Usufruct
1700-1800: Tender Buttons
1800-1830: Dry Patch
1830-1900: Runcible Spoon Fight
1900-1930: Antimatter
1930-2000: Thomas Dimuzio
2000-2030: Ruminations
2030-2100: Blood of Chhinnamastika
2100-2130: Revenant Quartet
2130-2200: Hugh Behm-Steinberg, Chris Christensen
2200-2230: Rehgrafsivart
2230-2300: SO AR + Joel St. Julien
2300-2330: Pulsar
2330-2400: No Tone

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Cost: FREE*
*Listen online for 24 hours straight
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