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Black Friday Edition Urban Nerf Gun Spy Game | North Beach

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Friday, November 24, 2017 - 12:00 pm | Cost: FREE*
*Free, but an RSVP is required via Meetup.com

Secret Location |

Jericho: Urban Nerf Gun Spy Game

Jericho is an urban spy game with Nerf guns played sneaky in public settings all over SF like malls and parks, where everyone assumes the role of a spy like a giant secret game of Capture the Flag.

Each team of “agents” will carry out missions where they will need to either eliminate their opponents or deliver “top secret documents” to win. The sneakier a player is, the better.

Jericho: Urban Nerf Gun Spy Game
Monthly games, locations change
Bring a Nerf Gun, bandanna and cell phone
>>  Free, but RSVP at Jericho Meetup Group
>>  Read the Rules

Want to have the most fun? Get creative and make a costume and build your own foam-based “assassination” kit.

Friday, November 24, 2017
Jericho: Urban Nerf Gun Spy Game

The annual Black Friday game is back, so be prepared to melt into the crowds of shoppers rushing home with their treasures or die trying.

They’ll take the first 15 minutes to go over rules and split into teams before hitting the streets.

Word of Caution: Because of the nature of the date & location, this game will be played under the noses of lots of watchful security personnel, so only small pocket sized pistols are allowed. (Nerf Jolt, Nerf Pocketstrike, Nerf Reflex, Zuru Micro, etc)

Please also bring a bandana to use after you die.

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Cost: FREE*
*Free, but an RSVP is required via Meetup.com
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