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JSX’s $5 Flights from Bay Area (One-Day-Only Sale)

“Private” airline that flies out of Oakland and Concord offering 100 flights at $5 each
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JSX is a “private” airline with tons of legroom that’s actually quite affordable. In an email just sent at 8:31am, for their 5th birthday they are offering 100 $5 flights*. All sold out

JSX flies from private terminals from Oakland and Concord to destinations like Las Vegas, Orange County, Phoenix, Burbank, plus Reno starting on May 21

UPDATE AS OF 1:38pm: All the $5 tickets are sold out. There was tons of backlash on social media about how poorly this sale was communicated and JSX now appears to have deleted their Instagram post with the majority of the complaints. After the fact JSX now says they were “available on select routes to/from Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, and Destin” which seems very disingenuous to only mention this afterwards.

Within a few minutes we no longer see any $5 flight deals. But they don’t say anywhere on their site that the $5 fares are gone. You just can’t find them and only see the higher priced fares.

There’s also lots of comments on Instagram (UPDATE – JSX has since deleted this Instagram post and all of the negative comments) about people never seeing any $5 fares.

We really love JSX (and have had a great time flying on them in the past) but if you ask us, this seems really shady and almost like a bait and switch. Just make it clear that the $5 fares are all gone. 


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There are likely tons of restrictions and caveats, but we want to post this quickly so you can jump on it. We’ll try to flesh this out soon with full details.

Try to find a $5 flight – Very limited (only 100 tix available)

Please note that there’s no way to tell when the $5 flights are exhausted, except that you can no longer find them.

  • *$5 fares must be booked April 19, 2021 between 10:00am CT and 11:59pm CT.
  • Flights must be flown between April 26, 2021 and May 26, 2021.

Fares vary by route, date, and availability and can be found online by visiting jsx.com. JSX flights are available through August 31, 2021. Reservations that are canceled must be canceled in full and rebooked at the available fare. A change and cancel fee of $50 USD applies to Hop On fares. Hop On fares are refunded as flight credits. All In fares are fully refundable to the original form of payment. Modifying a booking may result in a higher fare. Customers will be required to pay applicable fare difference at time of rebooking. If an Xtra Seat purchase has been made, a reservation cannot be modified to a single seat on the existing reservation.


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