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$69 Airfares from SFO to Europe

It’s true.. get a dirt cheap fare to Europe… but you have to pony up to get back
By - posted 8/29/2017 No Comment

If you want the absolute cheapest way to fly to Europe (and don’t mind loads of restrictions) then WOW is probably your best bet.

They’re recently lowered their prices to $69 OW to London and Paris from September to December, 2017 (and $99 OW fares Amsterdam and to Reykjavik, Iceland) from SFO (and that includes all taxes and fees!)

But… there’s lots of fine print.

  • The $69 price there is only valid if you buy a return flight home which is more expensive – the cheapest return flight we’ve seen from Paris is $249.99 – so you’re looking at a bare minimum of $318.99 round trip with cities like London having return fares starting at $369.99
  • Fare is “WOW Basic” and includes only one small “personal item” that must fit under the seat in front of you – if you want to bring a traditional carry-on, get a seat reservation in advance, get any onboard entertainment or refreshments (even water) you’ll have to pay more. I
  • All flights stop in Reykjavik (but you can add a stopover if you like)