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SF Giants Drop Beer Prices for 2023 Season at Oracle Park

While craft beer is still sky high, the Giants have lowered domestic beer prices for a 14-ounce pour (like Coors Light) to $9 – down from $14 last year.
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Good news for Giants fans. KRON4 shared the news that Giants CEO Larry Baer announced recently in an interview with KNBR that beer prices are dropping at Oracle Park

Thankfully, the cost of an ice-cold beer will now be in the single digits once again. However, predictably, this only applies to domestic beers like Coors Light. Last season, domestic beers were $14, but now, they’ll be $9 for a 14-ounce drink for the 2023 season.

If you prefer a craft beer, sorry; the savings aren’t coming to any craft brews which top nearly $20 at the park.

The San Francisco Giants kick off the 2023 season at an away game against the Yankees on March 30. Their home opener game will be against the Kansas City Royals on April 7, 2023.