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The Biggest Supermoon over SF in 70 Years

The moon is going to look crazy big on November 13/14 over the Bay Area
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The closest full moon since 1948 is coming up on November 14th.

Technically the moon reaches its full phase very early on the morning of November 14th. But don’t worry, for taking photographs and just watching in awe the moon should be big, bright and equally awesome to watch on both November 13th and 14th.

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Your best best to notice the larger size of the moon is when it’s near the horizon and there’s something to compare it to. So either at moonrise or moonset when you can see it next to the hills, buildings, bridges or coastline. If you just stare at it high in the sky with no frame of reference it’s hard to notice a difference.

So your ideal time for photos will be Sunday evening around 5pm, Monday Morning around 5:30am or Monday evening around 5:40pm

San Francisco Moonrise/Moonset Times
Best bets for photos since the moon will be near the horizon

  • Sunday Evening, Nov. 13 –  Moonrise – 4:52pm
  • Monday Morning, Nov. 14 – Moonset – 5:32am
  • Monday Evening, Nov. 14 – Moonrise – 5:40pm
  • Tuesday Morning, Nov. 15 – Moonset – 7:56am
    Source – timeanddate.com

Check out these photos from David Yu and Bhautik Joshl of past supermoons close to the horizon and you can see what we’re talking about.

So get your cameras out… the moon won’t come this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034.