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Burglaries Are Up By 40% in SF

Yikes! Police report burglary spike in San Francisco during pandemic – a 40% rise from 2019
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Thanks to KRON4 for reporting the troubling news that there’s been a major spike in burglaries in San Francisco.

While reported crime overall is down in SF, unfortunately, there’s been nearly a 40% increase in burglaries across the city year to date with both homes and businesses being targeted.

With more people at home because of the pandemic, there’s a greater risk of hot prowl burglaries, meaning the break-ins occurred while the residents were home.

One thing to watch out for is the garage remote in your vehicle. Officer Robert Rueca said, “We are seeing a spike in cars being broken into and having the remote control to people’s garages being taken and that be one of the methods used to enter these homes.” We suggest if your car is broken into, make sure to change the garage door code to help prevent against a home burglary too.

The items most stolen? Bicycles, laptops and jewelry.

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