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CA State Parks Considering Reservation System

With overcrowding, state officials consider their options to protect the parks
By - posted 8/14/2021 No Comment

Thanks to SF Gate for sharing the news that California State Park officials are considering a reservation system to access the parks.

Throughout the pandemic, the state parks have been extremely impacted. The parking lots often fill up by mid mornings on weekend, and cars are either turned away or left waiting in a long queue blocking traffic. Also the facilities such as the restrooms are harder to maintain and keep clean, and the parks have seen an overabundance of litter.

State officials may institute a reservation system similar to Muir Woods and Yosemite National Park that would require advance registration. This wouldn’t be the first reservation system in the California park system though; Año Nuevo State Park already has a reservation system in place to visit the local colony of Elephant Seals.

While resource protection is vital; state officials don’t want to discourage anyone from visiting the parks. One thought is perhaps there aren’t enough parks or public spaces for everyone to enjoy.