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Caltrain No Longer Raising Fares on April 1

Planned fare hike gets axed keeping Caltrain more affordable for everyone
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A few weeks ago, Caltrain announced they were going to raise their prices on April 1st. But given recent developments, Caltrain changed its mind and decided to scrap the price increase (for now).

In light of economic challenges facing the Bay Area as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Caltrain is suspending planned changes to Clipper fare products.

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Caltrain’s original Board decision to raise the price of certain Clipper fare products was made in September 2019, long before the current public health crisis.

Starting Wednesday, April 1, the cost of Caltrain’s single-ride Adult fare was supposed to increase by 30 cents for Clipper customers. The Adult Monthly Pass was also set increase by $9.

Given recent developments, the agency has decided to halt these fare increases for the time being.

As a result, Caltrain fares, including the existing Clipper Adult fare discounts and Adult Monthly Pass pricing, will not change.

Caltrain will continue to assess the situation to inform future decisions about any fare or service changes. Caltrain is dedicated to providing safe, accessible, convenient transportation service during this difficult time.

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