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Check Out SF’s Glowing Forest Submerged Due to Rains

Once located in a meadow, the lighted forest is now in the newly formed Peacock Lake
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Golden Gate Park’s beautiful lighted forest, Entwined” is submerged underwater.

With all the heavy rains, we caught a glimpse of Entwined on New Year’s Day where the ground was turning to soup.

As we know, the rains continued, and now Entwined, located in Peacock Meadow, is now located in the newly formed Peacock Lake.


You can check out the lighted artwork through March 12, 2023, from 5-10 pm.

About Entwined
Entwined Meadow’s dazzling forest of light first welcomed park goers as a safe and joyful outdoor destination in 2020 and quickly became an iconic attraction for Bay Area residents and tourists alike. This immersive experience was designed specifically for Peacock Meadow by San Francisco artist Charles Gadeken. The arrangement in the installation creates twisting paths through large flowering clusters, trees to sit under, and shifting lights and color.

The 2022-23 season of Entwined introduces new sculptural artworks including a “fallen tree”, which will serve as a seating area, “sapling” trees with “hidden world tree knots” that feature surprise miniature artworks by local artists, and greater interactivity. These additions build upon new interactive elements and an expanded layout that debuted last year.