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SF Welcomes 45 New Trees to Alamo Square

The park, re-opening in Spring 2017, gets greener with new trees & brand new lawn
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Alamo Square has been undergoing a major makeover since May and we’re finally getting a chance to see a little new green.

The park is soon to be the home of 45 brand new trees such as Monterey Cypress, New Zealand Christmas Trees, and Holly Oaks – species that are well-adapted to limited water (plus fog and wind…hooray!). And no, you’re not allowed to chop them down and take them home. But we’re hoping that each year creative peeps will help decorate the trees with handmade ornaments.

This project of Alamo Square Neighborhood Association (ASNA) is just the first as it is planning to plant 30 more trees next year. The $4.3 million rehabilitation comes with a new irrigation system that, in addition to these drought tolerant trees is expected to save 3 million gallons of water usage per year.

Next in line for installation is new lawn. First up is along the park’s eastern hillside along scott street which gets “no mow” fescue grass to create a more naturalized landscape. After that the city still install a new lawn for the temporary Painted Ladies viewing area along Steiner which should open in December 2016.

Because, of course tourists get the first crack at the park.

The rest of the park is scheduled to re-open in March 2017. > Follow Alamo Square’s progress at sfrecpark.org