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Drive-in Movies Shut Down in San Francisco

While California allows drive-in theaters during shelter-in-place, SF now bans them.
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As part of the new shelter-in-place order, drive-in gatherings in San Francisco must cease which including drive-in movies as well as concerts or other entertainment delivered in a drive-in context.

While the California shelter in place order specifically allows drive-in entertainment to continue, San Francisco has an amended order that bans drive-in gatherings.

The other counties entering into shelter-in-place early (Alameda, Marin and Santa Clara Counties) appear to be following the state’s guidelines with allowing drive-ins.

Currently, San Mateo County is not affected by the shutdown.

Drive-In Theaters Likely Shutting Down until 2021

Please note that not all have officially announced their closure, but all take place within counties that ban drive-in movies so we fully expect them to shut down, but no official announcement has been made by any below.

Drive-Ins Still Open
Please note this can change at any time. 

State of California Does NOT ban Drive-in Theaters

San Francisco DOES ban Drive-in Theaters

Contra Costa County DOES ban Drive-in Theaters