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Driver Off Roads in Golden Gate Park Destroying Meadow

Some jerk did burnouts and doughnuts destroying the grass at 2 locations in the Park
By - posted 3/23/2023 No Comment

Thanks to SF Gate for sharing the news that some jerk decided to do doughnuts off-road in Golden Gate Park.

The incidents occurred sometime between Friday night, March 17, and Saturday morning, March 18. The driver did burnouts and doughnuts in two locations in the park, destroying the meadow at Porch Meadow and at 47th Avenue and Fulton Street.

A disgruntled parkgoer posted a photo of the damage to Reddit on Tuesday morning where it received hundreds of comments from San Franciscans voicing their disgust. Thankfully, SF Recreation and Park Department, has already sprung into action. Both of the damaged meadows in the park have been attended to. The grasses have been seeded and top-dressed, and the land has been covered with compost material to improve soil structure. The Department expects the meadows to be looking as good as new soon.