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This Fake SF Fyre Festival Event Post Just Killed Us

A parody Fyre Festival at Alcatraz has us snorting Evian out our nose
By - posted 2/6/2019 No Comment

We recently watched the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix and then this came into our feed – a killer parody “Fyre Festival” for San Francisco complete with a terribly (awesome) photoshopped image of those infamous tents creeping all over Alcatraz.

“Party on the Island once home to Al Capone.

Luxury one bed condos starting at $3000!

Plenty of bars to choose from.

Lineup to come.”

Yea, that’s about right… about as much true info as the original FyreFraud.

The festival was shared with the Facebook group Concert Raptors, a fantastic ad-free Facebook group that has proven to be a great resource for awesome concert picks in the Bay Area.

Our favorite comment so far? Ilya Polyakov gets the gold star…