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BART’s Secret Tunnels & Hidden Graffiti

Bay Area Filmmaker secretly mounted a camera to the front of a BART train to capture a hidden world only seen by conductors
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A renegade San Francisco filmmaker, Vincent Woo, has embarked on an audacious project to demystify the BART system.

His guerrilla documentary, “Tunnel Vision: An Unauthorized BART Ride,” presents a raw, unfiltered glimpse of a journey typically seen only by BART conductors, all captured from a secret camera surreptitiously attached to a BART train.

Venturing into the rarely-seen underbelly of our transit system, Woo’s project goes beyond the known, highlighting intersecting tunnels, ephemeral graffiti, and hidden track segments — a raw, unpolished view of the transit system that underpins the Bay Area.

Tunnel Vision: An Unauthorized BART Ride
Tuesday, July 18, 2023 | 6:30p
Roxie Theater, 3125 16th St., San Francisco
$3 Tickets

The POV film will premiere at the Roxie’s main theater on Monday, July 18, 2023  at 6:30 pm. Reflecting the spirit of the underground, tickets are priced at $3, roughly echoing a typical short BART fare.

In line with the documentary’s theme, attendees are encouraged to arrive via public transit. The Roxie is conveniently located just over a block from the 16th St. BART station.

BART Basel’s very own photographer Vincent Woo is premiering his film Tunnel Vision. Watch the trailer here! It’s like Koyaanisqatsi meets Cab Ride YouTube and a BART documentary all in one.

The Tunnel Vision premiere will be at the Roxie’s big theater on Monday, July 18th at 6:30pm. Tickets are $3 (kind of like train fare). There’s a chance it could sell out, so reserve seats soon.

Tunnel Vision: An Unauthorized BART Ride is a documentary film by local timelapse photographer Vincent Woo. Embark on a journey with a camera secretly attached to a BART train and ride through the arteries of the Bay Area. A hidden world is revealed through intersecting passageways, flashes of graffiti, and sections of track only witnessed by BART operators. Join us to learn about the magic that makes the everyday commutes of millions of people possible. Experience the joy of the ride, the rhythm of the tracks, and the Bay Area as you’ve never seen it before. Tickets are three dollars, about the price of a typical BART fare, and viewers are encouraged to take public transit to the Roxie, which sits conveniently near 16th St. BART.