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YouTuber Live Streams Taking Poop on Nancy Pelosi’s SidewalkYouTuber Live Streams Taking Poop on Nancy Pelosi’s Sidewalk
By - posted 9/15/2020
Causes, Wow

Thanks to the NYPost for letting us know that a YouTuber livestreamed himself apparently taking a poop on Nancy Pelosi’s driveway/sidewalk this weekend. A YouTuber who identifies himself as “Armando” live-streamed himself walking through the streets of San Francisco in search of Nancy Pelosi’s house. When he reached the Speaker’s home, more...

SF's "Free Wifi" Prank Has Insanely Long PasswordSF’s “Free Wifi” Prank Has Insanely Long Password
By - posted 9/10/2020
Bay Area Updates, Wow

Thanks to SF Gate and The Indian Express for giving us great background about this pretty funny “free wifi” flyer a viral San Francisco prankster posted a few weeks ago. Pablo Rohat, an SF-based digital creative artist known for cheeky pranks, posted a video of a flyer promising free wifi with more...

California Has Seen a 2,000% Increase in Fires in 2020California Has Seen a 2,000% Increase in Fires in 2020
By - posted 9/9/2020
Fire Updates, Wow

Yes, it really has been terrible this year. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection reports that as of Monday, September 7th, there is a nearly 2000% increase in the acres of burned by fire year-to-date from 2019. Read the daily wildfire update See the latest active fire incidents The “good” news more...

Watch an Epic Landing on the Golden Gate Bridge | Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020Watch an Epic Landing on the Golden Gate Bridge | Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
By - posted 9/1/2020
Fun & Games, Wow

Take a virtual tour high above San Francisco. YouTuber Brady Bigalke gave us a taste of what it’s like to fly above and through The City with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.  One of the highlights of his video shows him landing a Zlin Shock Ultra plane at more...

Dave Chappelle Zoom Bombs SF's "Black Laughs Matter" Comedy ShowDave Chappelle Zoom Bombs SF’s “Black Laughs Matter” Comedy Show
By - posted 8/31/2020

Every Saturday night at 8pm Funcheap  and HellaFunny put on a live online comedy show “Black Laughs Matter” showcasing our favorite up and coming black comics from the Bay and around the country. The show is hosted by Chris Riggins, an accomplished Bay Area comedian and Berkeley native who opens for more...

Lake Tahoe Bear "Shops" at Grocery StoreLake Tahoe Bear “Shops” at Grocery Store
By - posted 8/25/2020
Groceries / Supermarkets, Outdoorsy, Wow

A local Black bear in Lake Tahoe got the munchies and headed into Safeway, as you do.  Shopper Adina Baidoo nearly walked into the bear when she exited the Safeway grocery store in Kings Beach on Tuesday night. The bear was rummaging through the trash before it decided there was probably more...

Blue "Glow-in-the- Dark" Waves Seen in MontereyBlue “Glow-in-the- Dark” Waves Seen in Monterey
By - posted 8/18/2020

Thanks to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for letting us know that this weekend blue their minds as bioluminescent waves filled with light-producing plankton ignited the surfline through the night all around Monterey Bay. What are Bioluminescent Waves? It is the light that is produced by a type of plant-plankton known as dinoflagellates more...

Whales Were Breaching at Ocean Beach This WeekendWhales Were Breaching at Ocean Beach This Weekend
By - posted 8/17/2020
Uplifting, Wow

Thanks to Reddit user u/kscottz for sharing the video of a whale breaching visible from the shore at Fort Funston / Ocean Beach on Friday night around 7:10pm. Related: Humpbacks appearing in droves off SF coast Watch the wonderful video below. Whales Breaching at Fort Funston / Ocean Beach Tonight from r/sanfrancisco   View this post more...

Amazing Photos of The Bay's Epic Lightning StormAmazing Photos of The Bay’s Epic Lightning Storm
By - posted 8/17/2020
Photo Guide, Wow

Were you woken up Sunday by the lightning and thunder after that scorching heatwave? Thankfully, a few amazing photographers did and caught some epic shots. One of our favorites was from Stu Berman who took this epic early-morning shot around 5:30am of the crazy lightning storm with just his camera more...